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BMW Motorcycle Accessories For Sale

BMW accessories for your bike or trike, we carry them all. These are just a sampling of a few. We stock a huge selection and have relationships with all the distributors. OEM or aftermarket, we install them all. Call us with your specific needs.

Goldwing & Harley Floorboards

Price: Please Inquire
Stock #: 0009
Description: "Running boards" that install along the sides of the trike. Provide increased protection from the elements, help guard against road hazards, and allow for a larger variety of rider foot positions.

Available for Renegade & Monarch kits.
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Goldwing & Harley FloorboardsEnlarge

Triple Tree

Price: Please Inquire
Stock #: 0010
Description: Triple Tree for Power Steering and Head Shake Reduction
Available for Honda, Harley and Suzuki trikes. 3 Degree or more Rake over stock configuration. Lightens front end steering and reduces head shake.
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Triple TreeEnlarge

Progressive Suspension Fork Springs

Price: Please Inquire
Stock #: 0022
Description: Progressively wound fork springs reduce front-end "dive" under braking yet still provide excellent ride comfort. Soak up small road bumps and still absorb the larger ones.
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Progressive Suspension Fork SpringsEnlarge

Trunk Liner

Price: Please Inquire
Stock #: 0006
Description: Constructed of marine grade carpet and installs using Velcro adhesive. Available in Gray only.
Available for GTL, Renegade, Monarch, Monarch II, Valkyrie, Tramp & Jackal models.
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Trunk LinerEnlarge